Hexomedine Transcutanee

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What is it?

A spot treatment for red, inflamed and infected acne pimples and ingrown hair.
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  • Dries pimple in 48 hours, reduces redness, swelling and bacterial infection. 
  • If your skin is sensitive try Hexomedine Gel or alcohol free Bioderma cicabio lotion
  • Helps clear active ingrown by drying out infection and reducing inflammation. To allow the ingrown to move out you or prevent ingrown use Noreva Kerapil  to gently exfoliate and hydrate the skin.
  • Prevents acne scaring thanks to its anti-inflammatory action. To complete scar prevention we recommend applying  Secret de beaute to reduce inflammation, red & brown pigment and help repair the skin.
  • Hexamidine Di-isétionate is used in formulas to preserve cosmetic products. If it were to lose its effectiveness after a while it would not be used in skincare products as an active ingredient to prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

clear liquid, can sting as it has alcohol

Use 2 to 3 times a day with a q-tip.
Do not use on large areas.
Tips: this is only a spot treatment if you have active acne answer the questionnaire, I have helps many of my spa clients get out of acne with simple changes.
Dealing with acne starts with understanding why pimples form.
Pimples start when dead cells are glued with oils inside the pore (comedone). It gets bigger and eventually breaks inside the skin and creates an inflammation (red pimple) then gets infected (cyst).
Unfortunately we try to wash it off, dry it out and exfoliate it out. 
All this dehydrates the skin and it not only traps the oils under the skin but triggers the skin to produce more oils and slowly it gets worse.
You cannot rid acne but if you GENTLY exfoliate the comedone out AND keep the skin well HYDRATED, the oils will flow out.
1- do not overwash
2- ice or reduce inflammation (secret de beaute)
3- check for comedogenic cosmetics or lifestyle
4- hydrate
5- exfoliate slowly

Propylene glycol, methylal, nonoxynol, SD 40 alcohol, water, hexamidine di-iséthionate

"Anyone with big, mad, red monsters needs this
I have struggled with acne since my teen years. It used to solely be cystic, and then into adulthood calmed for a brief moment, until my hormones went haywire and food sensitivities increased. I almost always have at least one LARGE angry pimple, mark, irritation on my jaw, chin, or neck and have tried EVERYTHING. So when I got this product (about 1 week before posting review) I immediately applied it to a large under the skin spot on my chin(Night 1). By the following morning it had come to a head, so I reapplied after washing my face and before following my usual skincare/makeup routine(Day 2). By that evening when I had come to wash my face, the spot basically cleared itself. So I applied for a 3rd time(Night 2) after cleaning the spot, and the next morning (Day 3) my skin was flat, and just the tiniest post inflammatory mark was visible. Idk, how long it is recommended to apply in a row, but so far I have not experienced any dryness or irritation so it seems 3x is okay for my skin. I would recommend trying this if you too struggle with large stubborn spots."
I’ve been struggling with hormonal acne for the past few years. I’m allergic to most acne medications and have tried everything. I also have a picking habit which of course makes everything more visible and worse. I haven’t had the product long, about a week or so but it’s cleared up my face so much I’m in awe. I never thought I’d find something that works for me but it looks like I finally did."

Customer Reviews

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Cassie Moreno
Best pimple treatment on the market

So glad I can purchase this through Le French Skincare. I’ve tried many high end topical blemish treatments but this one is by far my favorite. Recommended by Camille Rowe as well :) Will continue to repurchase!

It was ok

I have some cystic acne blemishes on my cheeks and it did help get rid of about 90% of them but it took the entire bottle. They´re still there but they're super flat.

the best topical treatment

i cannot believe i have waited so long to get this. i have adult acne (cystic, mostly hormonal, not a lot but what is out there is deep and often painful). i also suffer from ingrown hair. this treatment did a few things:
1. resurfaced deeper blemishes so i was able to pop them easily;
2. treated the aftermath of the popping so it healed in 2 days (instead of a week);
3. the ingrown hair resurfaced between overnight to 48 hours and i was able to tweeze them.
the only word of caution i have is: use a q-tip instead of a cotton pad when using the products. nothing bad will happen if you put too much but the cotton will very quickly absorb it (and there's not a lot of it, only 45ml).
excellent shipping and store too!

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