Questions and Answers

Are your products from France?

Yes all our products are made in France, Some products are directly imported from France, some we purchase from the brand's US official distributor.

None of our products are fakes.

Do product have expiration dates?

Most products have expiration dates, we make sure the products are well within the expiration date. Some products have a shorter expiration date than others, we order these more often but you will also have a shorter time to use them.

To insure freshness we get regular shipments from France.

What is the best skincare line for my skin?

We have sorted our skincare products by skin concern. Make sure to see our youtube video on "understanding your skin type". We also created a series of videos on "how to properly use your skin care product".

How can I get a personalized home regimen?

Simply email us a picture of your skin, along with what you are currently using and we will send you a "simple French skin care regimen".

Do you send samples?

Yes we can either send you a sample of the product you ordered or samples of products you want to try. Simply enter your skin concern in the box at checkout and we will include samples.