Message from the Founder


Skincare does not have to be complicated and should help you achieve a flawless complexion.

French women keep it simple and I want to share our beauty secrets and some wonderful French skincare brands with you.

As a French cosmetic chemist & esthetician, I want to give you a solution to your skin problems with the same simple advice I give to my spa clients to fix their skin ... French style!

  • Do not over cleanse, once in the evening is plenty! Unless you are in a bar all night! If your skin feels squeaky clean it means you are dehydrating it!
  • In the morning, rinse your face with water then use a toner or a cleansing water, pour the product on an esthetic wipe and wipe your face, this will remove water residue such as chlorine, calcium that can dry your skin
  • Use a day cream with out sunscreen, these creams focus on actives good for your skin vs just sunscreens. A good moisturizer should give you a feeling of freshness and it should last all day.
  • Layer sunscreen then makeup
  • Reapply sunscreen 3-4 times per day using a mineral powder sunscreen such as brush-on-block
  • If you have a specific issue add a night cream or a serum, otherwise use the same day cream.
  • Massage you creams and eye creams into your skin, not only does it enhance the penetration of actives but it increases circulation and oxygenation of your skin.