Skincare regimen for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin

Your skin is very fine and therefore permeable to toxins. When exposed, your skin reacts with an inflammatory response of redness, heat & itching.

The solution is to avoid toxins that irritates your skin, and use products that create a shield from outside aggressors!

    • Cleanse in the evening, just use toner in the morning.
    • Avoid water it contains chlorine & harsh minerals: use a cleansing water or toner on a cotton.
    • Your moisturizer should contain barrier ingredients such as beeswax or propolis.
    • Use chemical free sunscreens.
  • My favorite skin care lines are
  • Darphin best for oily or sensitive acneic skin
  • Uriage roseliane an affordable French Pharmacy line with out mineral oil
  • Pevonia RS2 for mature skin with Rosacea