Pranarom Arnica Virgin Plant Oil

all skin typesbruisinganti-inflammatoryorganicmade in France

What is it?

A soothing and reparative virgin oil for all skin types that soothes minor bumps, bruises, and joint/muscle strains.



    • Pranarom harnesses the active properties of organic plants for vibrant health and wellness. Each plant is tested for purity and certified organic.
    • Arnica is excellent for supporting healthy joints and muscles after intense exercise or exertion, and is a must-have for every herbal medicine chest.
    • Color and texture: Pale, bright yellow oil. Medium absorption.
    • Smell: Discreet and neutral with a hint of cut grass.
    • Note: Our infusions are only for topical use. Please do not take internally.
    • Suitable for face, body and hair.
      • Certified organic.


      Pale, bright yellow oil. Medium absorption.

      Warm between palms and massage into skin.
      Massage into skin where needed.

      Arnica montana (Arnica) seed oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E).