Dermophil Indien Original Lip Balm

dry lipsChappedoriginalparaben freemade in France
What is it?
An intensive lip stick that protects and moisturizes chapped and dry lips.
This mimic the original formula created in 1914 to help WW1 soldiers in the trenches, its name refers to Indian balm aka tiger balm.
  • Repairs lips that are chapped,
  • Great for kids lip contour that get red due to constant licking
  • Rich in Balsam Peru, most commonly used for topical applications for slow to heal wounds, ulcers, hemorrhoids & bedsores. As well as skin disorders like eczema and pruritus. It has been recommended for use with chapped skin & lips, eczema & rashes.
  • Natural bisabolol (from chamomille) to calm itchy skin
  • Contains salol for UV protection


Apply as needed on lips and lip contour

Vaseline, Paraffin, Salol, Ethanol, Baum of Pérou, natural Alpha-Bisabolol naturel, Géranium essential oil

Made in France
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We ship with recycled materials
Never tested on animals