Secret de Beauté Repair and Soothing Serum

acne scarslightensanti inflammatorydiffuse rednessmade in France
What is it?
A serum that prevents acne scaring
Also calms inflammation, diffuses redness and helps reduce skin discolorations.
  • Secret de Beauté is the founder Helene's own creation.
  • Infuses propolis and aloe to calm inflammation and redness of sensitive or acne prone skin. Propolis is the resin bees make to protect their hive it has an antibacterial and anti itch/ anti inflammation action
  • Licorice extract help reduce skin discolorations red as well as brown.
  • Beta-glucan repairs the epidermis thus preventing acne scars. Plastic surgeons used to give beta glucan based creams to speed healing after surgery.
  • These ingredients are at a very high percentage within the formula resulting in visible results after 2 months of use.


    Apply 2 pumps on a cleansed face.
    Massage gently with fingers or micro-current device.
    Follow with moisturizer.

    Aqua, propolis extract, rose distillate, glycerin, licorice root extract, carrageenan (and) glucose, beta-glucan, sodium hyaluronate, aloe vera powder, maris salt, sodium hydroxide, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid.

    Customer Reviews

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    Amazing Product!

    After using this Serum for six months, I've noticed a significant improvement in my acne scars as they have lightened in color, and my skin tone has become more even. This product has truly transformed my skin, giving me the confidence to leave the house with just sunscreen on. I highly recommend it, as it's definitely worth the investment.

    Shaye Beardsley
    Impressive from the start

    When i found out that this serum was created by the person I was speaking to I was already impressed. I had never encountered someone who made their own beauty product. Then I took it home and used it every night for a month and a half and the results were incredible. The redness in my face has decreased dramatically and my face is smoother and clearer than every before. I’m so happy I found their place (Be Smooth) and the people who work there. Everything is upfront and all about the skin.


    I am obsessed with this serum. I use it daily and have seen my acne scars dissipate! It feels SO good on my skin and has become a vital part of my skin care routine. Highly highly recommend!

    Made in France
    Live consultation coming soon
    We ship with recycled materials
    Never tested on animals