When French beauty meets Korean Beauty

When French beauty meets Korean Beauty

Oct 15, 2023Helene Lawless

Koreans and French both have a love of skincare, and they both are obsessed by the health of the skin.

 Recommended by Jihyo's in her Vogue beauty secrets

Recommended by Bang Chan on TIKTOK 

The goal is to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin.

K-beauty and French beauty rely on cleansing oils or cleansing milk to deeply clean the skin with out stripping it of its oils.

Night mask are the rage in both France and Korea to prepare your skin for a flawless BB cream or CC cream application

Next important step is a toner, it restores the skin pH keeping the skin microbiome healthy and happy.

K-beauty recommends essences aka a serum in French beauty. Depending of your skin condition you may opt for an hydrating, brightening or anti- aging serum.

Moisture is the key to a healthy plump and flawless skin and this is why Seaweed based products such as Thalion are praised by K-pop stars.


Seaweeds are rich in oligosaccharides, contrary to Hyaluronic acid they are non dependent of outside humidity to release water to the skin.

Seaweeds are also rich in trace mineral such as Potassium and sodium to maintain the cell water balance






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