Ingrown Hair Bundle

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What is it?
A kit to prevent ingrown hair.
When you shave your hair is pulled out by your razor, cut then it retracts under the skin. If the skin is dry or too thick the hair cant make its way out and coils back forming an ingrown hair. When you wax the end of the hair is very fine and also has a hard time coming out.
Our kit helps you by 3 actions:
1- washing with a sulfate free and Ph 5 .5 body wash, it helps maintain skin moisture and skin microbiome
2-gently exfoliating while hydrating the skin
3 spot treat existing ingrown with an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory spot treatment
6.8 oz Hydralin
2.5 oz Noreva kerapil

Am wash with Hydralin, apply Kerapil in affected areas.
trat ingrown with Qtip soaked in Hexomedine leaving it on for 1 minute.

Made in France
We ship with recycled materials
Never tested on animals