French Retinol cream 200000 UI Vitamin A

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What is it?   

A Retinol aka Vitamin A cream similar to A313 or Avibon French retinol cream featured in 'The Goop' blog by Gwyneth Paltrow as France's skincare secret to flawless skin

It's important to remember that all vitamin A derivatives must convert to retinoic acid to be effective and that the more conversion steps the less effective it is.

Vitamin A chemical name is retinol, the alcohol form of vitamin A as it occurs in nature.
In the skin retinol is first oxidized into retinal then retinoic acid.

Because retinol is very unstable, esters such as retinyl palmitate are used but you add an extra step into the transformation and they are less effective.

I favor encapsulated retinol, retinal or the cosmetic base made of PEG, PEG 4000 to enhance the penetration of retinol thus increasing its activity.

  • Retinol triggers epidermis turn over: dead cells, pigmented cells, milia are exfoliated as a result your skin is baby soft and lighter.
  • Retinoids have an anti comedogenic effects:
    • they regulate the process of shedding within sebaceous pores by pushing up and out the cells that clog your pores 
    • and decrease activity of enzymes participating in lipogenesis (less sebum in pores)
  • Topically applied retinoids also influence the function of melanocytes, providing regular arrangement of melanin in the epidermis therefore reducing discoloration of the skin
  • Retinol stimulates fibroblasts to synthesize collagen fibers (stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and increases their number), improves skin elasticity (removes degenerated elastin fibers)
  • Triggers skin renewal without the irritations and dryness experienced with the acid form of Vitamin A
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    The cream is thick and white.
    When applied on the skin it feels like Vaseline and can be stingy on sensitive skin.

    Make sure you face is totally dry as Vitamin A will react with water and cause irritation.
    If your skin is not sensitive use the 123 rule:
    Once per week for the first week
    Twice per week for the next two weeks
    Three times per week for the next three weeks
    Every other night (if tolerated) for the next few months
    Nightly (if tolerated)
    During the 123 period use Ialuset on alternative days.
    If your skin is sensitive apply cream, let it act for 15 min then wash it off. Apply Ialuset.
    Do not apply too close to the eyes as the cream will naturally migrate.
    Try not to mix it with moisturizer or put any moisturizer on top.
    This should not happen if you follow the 123 rule but if skin is very very dry apply Ialuset first then retinol cream.
    Do not use during the day as Vitamin A is sun-sensitive.
    It is normal to feel a tingly sensation for 15 minutes after applying the cream.

    vitamin A in the form of retinol, PPG 4000, PEG 400, polysorbate 80

    My adult skin has never been softer and brighter than when I use . I love it so much though at first I was a little put off by the ointment-like texture. But after a few years of use, I am totally convinced that it is really the ideal texture for this type of product. Helps to seal in the moisture because it might otherwise be very drying. I use it every night, and I really think this the piece of my skin care routine that is truly most effective. I try to always have an extra tube ready to go! Highly highly highly recommend this.

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