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Percutafeine Gel

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    • Helps reduce excess fat deposit associated with adipoid cellulite.
    • Sold for more than 30 years in France for cellulite problems, after pregnancy or during menopause.
    • Why does it work? Caffeine is the only ingredient capable of penetrating the skin (per means through, cuta means skin feine means caffeine) 
    • Contains 5% of pure caffeine
    • Breaks down trigycerides into free fatty acids, hence emptying fat cells
    • slows storage of fats in adipocytes
    • increases capillaries permeability and fluid elimination
    • Great on stomach and love handle for men and women
  • Water, cafein 5%, carbomer, trolamine,Peg-7 glycerol cocoate, SD 40 alcohol
    • Massage 1-2 teaspoon on problem area twice a day.
    • Tip: mix it with your body cream for an easier application
    • Do not use if you are allergic to cafeine or using disulfirame

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