9 sneaky places where skin cancer hides

9 sneaky places where skin cancer hides

Jan 03, 2023Helene Lawless

Check out these places where skin cancer can hide.

At Be Smooth we recommend you see a dermatologist once a year to check your skin, if your dermatologist is not checking these areas for skin cancer, see a new one!

Melanoma of the scalp and neck has a higher risk of melanoma specific mortality than melanoma anywhere else on the body.

Behind the ear: even if you have long hair, your ears that often are neglected need sunscreen too.

Eyelids: 5-10% of the skin cancer occur in the eyelid, ask your dermatologist or eye doctor to check.

Mouth: if you have a canker sore like spot that last for more than a week ask your doctor or dentist to check if it is melanoma (skin cancer)

Under the nails: yes it really happens, go polish free and have your doctor check if it is a fungus or melanoma.

Underarms or lymph nods, when melanoma spreads that where it starts.

Butt and Groin: we are no experts/doctors but at Be Smooth if we see something bizarre we will send you to the doctor.

Between the toes; proof that we get sun exposure everywhere, half of the people diagnosed with melanoma of the foot die within five years.

In conclusion wear your sunscreen and reapply!

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