Pimple Popper Bundle

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What is it?
A kit to properly pop your pimples.
Popping your pimples properly prevents acne scaring and relieves pain and pressure associated with too much inflammation.
Only pop pimples if you see a white pus under the skin or a round opening or if you create an incision.

Leaving your pimples alone is not necessary beneficial, when the pore is full of debris and bacteria it eventually puts pressure on the wall of the pore and breaks the wall of the pore. all the debris needs to be removed by white cells and this creates a huge inflammation (red pimple) that leads to acne scaring.
If you empty the excess debris you can avoid acne going out of control.
Watch the video to learn how to properly pop your full of pus pimples.
We recommend seeing an esthetician if you are not comfortable doing it. 

10 lancet, these sterile needle help create a clean opening to gently press out the pus.
1 hexomedine transcutanee o apply with a qtip after extraction to kill bacteria
1 biseptine cica to help repair the skin cut
1 extracting tool
Made in France
We ship with recycled materials
Never tested on animals