Pro Rhinel Mouche bebe

    • Pro Rinel is a soft baby nasal cleaner to aspirate mucus out of baby's nose.
      • when the newborn has muccus
      • when the baby has a cold and a stuffy nose
      • great before before feeding, as baby breath through the nose
      • helps reduce risks of ear infections,, sinus infections and cough
    • Its shape and its texture are especially studied for easy use and handling.
    • The box contains 2 disposable nose tips with an absorbent filter that ensure perfect hygiene.
    • You can also purchase these nozzles by box of 8.
      • No phtalates. No bisphenol
      • nasal cleanser: polypropylene, styrene, ethylene-butylene styrene, silicon, 
      • disposable nozzle: PVC, polyuretane foam
      • Wash hands. Attached the nose tip to the nasal cleanser
        • Test the suction by placing the silicone tip onto the fat pad of your fingertip and apply suction using the mouthpiece - this is the same suction you will be using when cleaning your baby’s nose. This will give you a good idea how to clean your infant’s nose since it’s the same suction you will be using when cleaning your baby's nose.
        • Place nose tip in one of baby's nostril, gently aspirate. Proceed to next nostril
        • Empty mucus from chamber on a tissue paper,  by blowing out on tissue paper
        • Discard nose tip
        • wash parts with soap and hot water and let it dry


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      Type: Specialty

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