Home facial kit (Anti-aging)

Continue to take care of your skin while we are close!

This kit contains all you need for 2 "professional grade" facials

  1. Thalion cleansing milk
  2. Thalion toner
  3. Pevonia enzymo-spheride peeling cream
  4. Image anti age facial
  5. Thalion Beauty flash lift mask
  6. Thalion Ultimate wrinkle cream

How to use:

Clean your face with a walnut size of Thalion cleansing milk, rinse with water then use toner on a wipe. Massage the enzymo-spheride peeling cream with wet fingers for 1 min.(you need to release the enzymes from the spheres). Let it sit for 3 min. Rinse well.

Once again use the toner on a wipe, then unfold the sheet mask, apply on face, gray gel on the skin, remove white fabric. (this drips a bit so it is best if you are laying down or enjoying a bath.

Leave on for 10 min.

For your second facial proceed as above, but apply Thalion mask instead 

Pat dry and apply the anti-age cream


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