Enlarged Pores Bundle

Enlarged poresOilyMatureNon comedogenicmade in France
What is it?
A kit to help you refine your pores.
First let me explain why pores enlarge:
  1. your skin produces too much oil and as the oil flows out it screeches the pore, this can be fixed my regularly removing the oils stock in the pore and simultaneously changing your cleanser to control your oil production.
  2. over time the elastin that coils around your pore looses some of its ability to bounce back, retinol, micropeptides and stem cells stimulate elastin production.
Using products containing salicylic acid, helps minimize the amount of oil aka sebum stuck in your pores. Also the more you wash/strip your skin the more the skin will compensate by producing oils, simply using a milder cleanser and only a micellar water or toner in the morning will help reduce oil production.
To restore elasticity to the wall of the pore you need to stimulate cell renewal, especially the fibroblast (cell that makes elastin)
6.7 oz Biodema sebium lotion
1 oz Bioderma pore refiner cream
1oz Secret de beaute firming serum

In the morning wipe your face with Bioderma sebium lotion, then apply Secret de beaute, finish with Sebium pore refiner cream.
Pm: wash with sulfate free cleanser apply A313 per 123 rule (week 1 once a week, week 2 twice a week, week 3 trice a week, every day after that)

Made in France
We ship with recycled materials
Never tested on animals