Aseptine Cream

    • Aseptine is a  flower's wax and beeswax cream for dry and sensitive skin, resulting in:
      • immediate redness reduction
      • soothing of irritated skin
      • comforting of dry skin
    • Great as a night repair cream, the cream is rich but penetrates easily
    • Jasmin and Rose Floral Wax are the solid, fragrant, creamy waxes derived from jasmin and rose petals. Carefully selected flower heads are placed in solvent to first obtain the concrete and absolute. The concrete is then washed with alcohol to extract the absolute from the botanical material leaving behind the natural solid plant waxes. The wax holds many of the benefits of the botanical including the moisturizing phospholipids.
    • 1.9 % beeswax protects the skin from external aggression
    • Callendula flower extract  has an immediate effect on calming redness
  • mineral oil, petrolatum, water, paraffin, cera alba, sorbitan sesquioleate, aluminium stearate, glycine, microcrystalline rose extraction, perfume, sodium methyl paraben, methenamine, linalol, limonene, calendula oficinalis, microcrystaline jasmin wax extraction, edta, benzyl alcohol, citral, tocopherol coumarin, geraniol, citronelol
    • Use at night on a clean skin.
    • Aseptine is a vanishing cream, it appears rich but penetrates rapidly with out a greasy residue

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