Acne Scaring Bundle

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What is it?
A kit to prevent acne scaring.
Acne scarring is a result of the inflammatory response your skin uses to heal a pimple.
  • white cells remove bacteria and cell debris unfortunately they can over do it,leaving a pitted scar.
  • pigment is released leaving a brown spot.
  • red cells are left behind leaving a red coloring.

  • Benefits:
    These 3 products simultaneously treat the infection, the inflammation and repair damaged  skin.
    Remember to also ice pimples and wear sunscreen.


    Hexomedine is antibacterial and anti inflammatory.

    Secret De Beauté has Propolis and Aloe to calm inflammation and redness. Licorice extract helps reduce brown discolorations and Beta-glucan repairs the epidermis therefore preventing pitted acne scars.

    Bioderma cicabio as a band aid effect speeding the healing of raw or open skin

    On a clean skin apply Hexomedine with a Qtip, let it act for 1 min. Apply a pump of SDB all over your face then apply Cicabio cream. This can be done am & pm
    If you are using Benzoyl peroxyde, retin a or antibiotics use them at night and use Hexomedine, Secret de beaute and Bioderma cicabio in the morning.

    Made in France
    We ship with recycled materials
    Never tested on animals