Acne Rosacea Skincare Regimen

made in France

What is it?

All products needed to soothe rosacea.
This Acne Rosacea Bundle helps reduce rosacea inflammation quickly and effectively. Each product in the bundle is specifically designed to help soothe and calm skin affected by rosacea. Enjoy fast, long-lasting relief with this bundle!
Acne rosacea is not real acne, the red bumps on your skin are a result of the inflammatory response your skin uses when a toxin enters the skin.
  • white cells try to clean the area, unfortunately the process becomes auto immune, and your own white cells turn against your own cells. The body rids of these supposedly bad cells by shedding them off. this is why rosacea symptoms are inflamed looking pimples and white flakes.
  • Eventually the skin becomes thinner and the blood capillaries multiply and become more visible leaving behind leaving a red coloring and broken capillaries.
These 4 products simultaneously treat the redness, the inflammation, potential infection and repair damaged skin.
Remember wear mineral sunscreen versus chemical sunscreen

Uriage Cleansing fluid gently cleanse the skin and Roseliane cream creates a protective layer on the skin not only preventing toxins from entering the skin but also repairing the skin barrier, soothing the skin and hydrating it. 

Aureocyde is antibacterial cream based oh stabilized hydrogen peroxyde, use it on red bumps.

Secret de Beauté has Propolis and Aloe to calm inflammation and redness. Licorice extract helps reduce brown discolorations and Beta-glucan repairs the epidermis therefore preventing pitted acne scars.

Uriage roseliane moisturizer (pick dry skin or oily skin) hydrates and soothe your skin.

Made in France
We ship with recycled materials
Never tested on animals