Ingrown Hair

Hexomedine Transcutanee

    • French spot treatment for acne pimples and ingrown hair
    • Dries pimple in 48 hours, reduces redness, swelling and bacterial infection.
    • French model Camille Rowe's favorite pimple treatment suggested in blog "Into the Gloss"
    • Great on bad ingrown hair under Noreva Kerapil
    • If your pimples are deep red, swollen, without pus, Bioderma Cicabio Drying Lotion is better for you than hexomedine.
    • If your skin is sensitive try Hexomedine gel instead
    • Acne is the result of trapped dead cells glued together with sebum, not dirt! The solution is to empty the pore by exfoliation. However, if your products are drying, you dehydrate the surface and make thinks worse
    • Try Face reality acne kit
    • Tips  for acne

  • Propylene glycol, methylal, nonoxynol, SD 40 alcohol, water, hexamidine Di-isétionate
    • Do not use on open wounds, mucous membrane, under a band aid, or on burnt skin.
    • Use once to twice a day.
    • With a Q-tip, dab liquid on individual pimple, keep on for 3-5 min
    • Do not use on large areas.
    • The label is confusing. This is how we understand it " You should not use it for more than 15 consecutive days if you use it as a leave on compress nor for more than 5 consecutive days if you soak your thumb or toes into the product".  Hexamidine Di-isétionate is used in skincare products as a preservative. If it lost its activity after a while, it would not be use in skincare products as an active to prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

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