A 313 Retinol Cream

    • A 313 is a Retinol cream that deeply exfoliates the skin, resulting in:
      • skin resurfacing: pigmentation lightens and the skin is baby soft
      • deep pore exfoliation to help clear acne
      • milia reduction as they are pushed out to the surface
      • fresh new skin cells that help plumps lines making them less visible
    • A 313 triggers skin renewal without the irritations and dryness experienced with Accutane or Retin-A.
      • A313 contains Vitamin A in the active form of retinol propionate, this specific ester penetrates deeply into the skin and triggers skin and pore exfoliation.
      • 200,000 iu of vitamin A converts to about .06 grams. There is 50 grams of substance total in this tube of which .06 of it is pure vitamin A. Mathematically it is about 0.12% retinol.
      • PPG 4000, PEG 400, polysorbate 80, retinol acetate, retinol propionate, retinol palmitate
      • Make sure you face is totally dry as Vitamin A will react with water and cause irritation.
      • Use very small amount at night, start every other night for 8 days then every night.
      • Do not apply too close to the eyes as the creme will naturally migrate. Try not to mix it with moisturizer or put any moisturizer on top. Use it three times a week, at bedtime. 
      • It is normal to feel a tingly sensations for 15 minutes after applying the cream
      • Do not use during the day as Vitamin A is sun sensitive
      • A 313 helps produce healthy new skin cells, after 1 month your skin will feel baby soft.
    • The cream is thick and white, when applied on the skin it feels like Vaseline and can be stingy on sensitive skin. A 313 replaces Avibon recommended in Gwyneth Paltrows blog "The Goop" as the French skin care secret to flawless skin.


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