French Cult Products to bring back from France


    • Diaper rash cream used by French moms for more than 70 years
    • Made with Natural ingredients to protect and soothe the skin
    • Fish oil, vitamin A and zinc oxide act in synergy to heal the diaper rash within 3-4 days
    • Diaper rash appears when urine and feces macerate therefore releasing ammonia. This increases pH and the activity of feces digestive enzymes resulting in babies skin redness.
    • Mitosyl Irritations pommade is Paraben free and  Perfume free
  • Water, fish oil, zinc Oxyde, Vitamin A, Lanolin, butylhydroxyanisole, Vaseline, geranium essential oil, methyl salicylate
    • Apply on baby skin up to 3 times a day, massage well
    • if symptoms persist for more then seek pediatrician advice
    • To avoid diaper rash: change diaper as soon as it is soiled, dry baby's skin after using a wet wipe and use super absorbent diapers

Type: Specialty

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