Thalion Focus cellulite

    • Ideal for Aqueous cellulite
    • Allows to remove the cellulite aspect of the skin by enhancing the elimination of water excess
    • Formulated with active caffeine
    • With AHA complex to exfoliate the skin and enhance the penetration of caffeine and seaweeds.
    • Its efficiency is noticed after 14 days of application
  • see ingredient listing
    • This type of cellulite is very bumpy looking, when you press on the skin you will see white spots that take a while to disappear. Often you suffer swollen ankles, your hands and feet easily get cold.
    • The solution is to help you rid stagnant extra cellular fluids which contain waste and toxins.
    • Dry brush from the feet up towards the inguinal.
    • then apply cream with upward movements



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