Acneic Skin

Hexomedine Transcutanee

    • Local antiseptic for acne pimples, penetrates deeply to dry out pimple from the inside out.
    • Reduce redness, swelling and bacterial infection in 48 hours.
    • Great on bad ingrown hair.
    • Great on infected pimples.
    • If your pimples are deep red swollen with no infection Bioderma Cicabio drying lotion is better.
    • Camille Rowe favorite pimple treatment suggested in blog "into the Gloss"
    • Do not use on open wounds, mucous membrane, under a band aid, on burnt skin.
    • If you have acne find a home regimen here or contact us for a consultation
    • To see more French cult products here


    • Propylene glycol, methylal, nonoxynol, SD 40 alcohol, water, hexamidine Di-isétionate
      • Use once to twice a day 
      • With a Q tip dab liquid on pimple
      • Do not use on large areas
      • The label says "duree d'utilisation: 15 jours apres ouverture du flacon...." its all semantic, but the way we understand it is that you should not use it more than 15 consecutive days if you use it as a compress or 5 consecutive days if you soak you thumb or toes into it. 
      • Hexamidine Di-isétionate is used in formula to preserve cosmetic products, if it was loosing its activity after a while it would not be use in skincare products as an active to prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

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