Retinol, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin A propionate, Vitamin A acid

September 10, 2015

Vitamin A Palmitate: 16 additional carbons
Easily degraded by oxygen and sunlight.
Large molecule does not penetrate the skin.
Used in over-the-counter cosmetic

Vitamin A Propionate: 3 additional carbons
Similar results as Vitamin A acid, without the excessive irritation or unpredictable side effects.
Improves the regeneration of new skin and reduces the skin’s turnover from 28 days to 10 to 15 days.
Short chain, short reaction time!
Available  through Vivant and A313 for both medical and esthetic use.

             Vitamin A Acid: no additional carbon
Used to treat acne and to reverse the damages of photoaging.
Causes excessive amount of unappealing irritation, redness and peeling.
Due to unpredictable side effects which must be monitored by a doctor it is only available with a Doctor’s prescription