We treat acne following Doctor James Fulton scientific findings

March 29, 2015

We treat acne following Doctor James Fulton scientific findings

If you have read our articles on acne, you may want to know more about this great Doctor that has help a lot of acne sufferers, here is his Bio

1969:  Co-develops vitamin A acid for topical treatment of acne with Albert Kligman and Gerd Plewig. Formulation subsequently purchased by Johnson & Johnson and marketed as Retin A®.

1972:  Dr. Fulton also developed the patented gel delivery system that stabilized benzoyl peroxide. This is currently marketed by Stiefel Pharmaceuticals as PanOxyl®.

1975:  Formulates topical erythromycin, now a prescribed industry standard in the treatment of acne.

1976:  Establishes twelve first of their kind acne treatment centers in the United States.

1980:  Develops first doctor’s line of non-acneogenic moisturizers and sunscreens.

1993:  Formulates and patents topical vitamin A propionate gels, which offer more effective and better sustained results than over-the-counter products, which lead to the birth of Vivant Pharmaceuticals.

2001:  Develops a skin care system for the management of acne, dyspigmentation and fine lines.

2004:  Uncovers the potential of Mandelic Acid from almonds which suppress bacteria, lifts hyperpigmentation and releases impacted pores.

2006:  Formulates the Progressive ProPeel System® for all skin types and Fitzpatrick’s.

2008:  Formulates Extra Strength Progress ive ProPeel System® for those who desire a more invasive peel.